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B+ Mushroom Spores Syringe (B Plus Spores)


B+ spores in our spore syringe microscopy kit includes 10ml of authentic B+ spores in a spore syringe, individually packaged, with a sterile needle included.

B+ Mushroom Spores Syringe (B Plus Spores)

B+ Mushroom Strain

Among psilocybe cubensis strains, the B+ spore strain is perhaps the most popular in the world among psilocybin containing mushrooms grown my mushroom cultivators. Easily contending with longtime favorite mushroom strains grown from the Golden Teacher spore syringe or additional microscopy favorites such as the Penis Envy.

Also check out our quality Penis Envy Spores. This cubensis strain is best known for its ease of study; strong constitution and mild potency under the microscope. Students using our b+ mushroom grow kit advice will love to experience and see one of the most recognizable fungi in the world – mycologists the world over have marveled at its size in the wild.

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Description Of B+ Mushroom Spores Syringe:

The B+ Cubensis Mushroom is a very-easy-to-cultivate and a fast-growing strain. Ideal growing circumstances are best for B+ Mushrooms really large mushrooms, especially a substrate that is rich of nutrients. A really big caramel-colored cap will be formed then. But, these mushrooms will also grow quite well under mediocre conditions.

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