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Granddaddy Purple CBD Oil Cartridge


The Granddaddy Purple CBD cartridge is infused with natural terpenes which provide the tantalizing grape and berry aroma mixed with floral and earthy undertones giving you the blissful authentic cannabis experience every time you take a hit.

Granddaddy Purple CBD Oil Cartridge / Granddaddy Purple CBD Cartridge (600mg)


Funky Farms Granddaddy Purple CBD cartridge (600mg) is one of the our cartridges that use the Reserve Line broad spectrum CBD extract. The CBD cartridge delivers a potent dose of 600mg broad-spectrum CBD extract, strong enough for most levels of benefits that you may require.

The 600mg broad-spectrum extract gets the job done the right way.

Broad-spectrum extract means that the concentrate contains CBD, a strong minor cannabinoid profile, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The Funky Farms special CBD hemp extract contains less than 0.3% delta-9-THC which means the products won’t get you high or induce the unpleasant effects associated with marijuana.

The cannabinoids present in this cartridge include CBD, CBN, CBC, CBL, and CBG.

  • 200mg Broad-spectrum Hemp Extract

    –This broad-spectrum hemp extract contains a strong minor cannabinoid profile, terpenes flavonoids, and plant compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant. This means you get additional benefits from the different cannabinoids and aroma from the terpenes, in addition to the therapeutic benefits of CBD. The compounds also contribute to the entourage effect, making CBD’s therapeutic and relaxing effects more pronounced.

  • Terpene Rich Extract Granddaddy Purple CBD Oil Cartridge

    – The Funky Farms Granddaddy Purple disposable vape pen is infused with the full GDP terpene profile that provides the tasty grape and berry hints and contributes to the entourage effect. The Funky Farms GDP CRD formulation known for its relaxing and calming effects. This makes the disposable vape pen the perfect choice for unwinding after a long day or when you just want to kick back and watch a movie.

  • CRD Extract

    – Funky Farms vape pens use Crystal Resistant Distillate to ensure the cannabinoids do not crystallize, which they tend to do naturally. Crystallized CBD would make for an unpleasant vaping experience. Our CBD extract, however, provides for a smooth vape in any condition.

  • No Fillers

    – With Funky Farms, you get everything you pay for, if not more. This disposable vape pen only contains 3ml of 200mg hemp CBD broad-spectrum extract, no fillers or junk. Just pure hemp extract ready for use.

  • Ready To Use 

    – Our disposable Granddaddy Purple vape pen comes ready to use out of the box. With a fully charged battery, pre-filled concentrate, and everything you need to vape. All you have to do is inhale and draw the sweetest vapor. Enjoy!

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