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Star Blend Chocolates Black


Once you eat a piece of Star Blend Chocolate, all that psychedelic mix will hit your body like a jackhammer. If you’re not ready, your mind will buzz uncontrollably with visions, sounds, and a plethora of other sensory perceptions that you can’t manage. The time dilation and spiritual experiences often come together, making this chocolate a truly mind-blowing one!

Star Blend Chocolates Black

The Star Blend Chocolate brings together some of the best mushrooms the world has to offer, including Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. The resulting experience is unlike anything you’ve gone through before. As the state of psychedelia takes over your mind, you’ll wish you’d have prepared better for this. The hallucinations and spiritual experiences are quite potent, even when you take a small bite. Speaking of bites, this chocolate nurtures a very delicious and aromatic flavour.

You may not have tried any psilocybin-based chocolates before. This is the perfect moment to start your sweet adventures down the proverbial rabbit hole. The Star Blend Chocolate will make you see all kinds of stars, and that’s just the beginning. Soon, you’ll hit up synesthesia, euphoria, and time loops all of a sudden. Everything keeps on piling up, taking you to a new state of appreciation for magic mushrooms. Golden Teachers and Penis Envy were already good by themselves, let alone in a crazy combination!

Star Blend Chocolates Black looks and tastes

 These chocolates are what you would expect from a chocolate. As you take that first bite, though, the biggest of your worries should be overstepping your tolerance level. The effects of Star Blend Chocolate are first-rate, coming from the purest mushrooms strains the market has to offer. You may enjoy the delicious chocolate flavour, yet the effects will alter your perceptions in a split second.

That’s because there’s a lot of psilocybin in every piece of Star Blend Chocolate. Fortunately, you can microdose it just like you would other edibles and magic mushrooms themselves. This chocolate has a very potent taste of chocolate, with a hint of milk, and it’s quite sweet, as well. Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate this as a work of art, considering the magic mushroom component. It’s important to realize that this isn’t just a chocolate, but rather a mind-altering one.

Effects Of Star Blend Chocolates Black:

Being a combination of Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, and other mushrooms, the effects can only be described as ravishing and overwhelming. You may experience one of the following when biting into this chocolate:

  • Improved mood
  • Sudden bout of hallucinatory visions
  • Spiritual profoundness and awakening of your spirit side
  • Unlocking your hidden potential by accessing the world beyond
  • Enhanced creativity and artistic potential
  • Fewer tendencies to become anxious and depressed
  • Time dilation
  • Ego death
  • Synesthesia
  • Feeling of connectedness

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